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Economizers for coal fired boilers EK600 - EK5000 Pobierz
Economizers for water gas boilers  E400w - E5000w    Pobierz
Economizers for steam gas boilers E400p - E5000p Pobierz

 Economizers type FAKO have been destined for heat recovery from boilers outlet flue gas. They have been recomended for use in both steam and hot water boilers fired with natural gas, LPG and light oil (diesel).
Economizer increases boiler efficiency of about 5%. Economizer design gives maximum efficiency with low flue gas pressure loss. Economizer heat transfer surface has been   built from finned carbon steel tubes. We use 2 types of finned tubes: round tubes with extruded aluminium fins or steel eliptical tubes with steel fins deep hot galvanized with zinc.
Economizers have been selected and thermally calculated just according to customer request.
Economizers with eliptical tubes have such a advantages as:
-aerodynamical shape of the tubes causes low flue gas pressure loss and low pollution with deposits  from the flue gas;
-hot deep galvanizing of the tubes with the fins gives efficient heat exchange between flue gas and water and also protects fins against corrosion properly  (layer thickness of zinc is 50 µm). That’s why fins have been not sensitive at thermal stress;
-long failure -free life;
-low price (comparing with others).
Economizer design guarantees easy access for inspection and cleaning.
Economizers type FAKO could be used in both boilers manufactured by FAKO and boilers from others manufacturers.
Casings of economizers could be designed just according to space available in customer boiler room.
Depending on working data (temperature and pressure) -the economizers could be made with FAKO quality certificate or Notified Body certificate (CE marked).
For separate order it is possible to deliver the economizer with controled T-piece 


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