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Cooperation with Uzbekistan


We have just established company named OOO "Yunusobod Kapital Sarmoya" in Uzbekistan. This company represents us and offers our products on local market.


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Welcome to our website...


        Fabryka Kotłow FAKO S.A. designes and manufactures hot water boilers –power from 16 up to 10000 kW and steam bolers -capacity from 80 up to 15000kg/h –pressure up to 2 MPa.

        Our boilers could be fired with solid fuels such as coal, coal fines, pea coal, biomass (wooden chips); gas or liquid fuels such as natural gas, LPG, light oil, heavy oil, mazout, after pyrolisis oil.

        We offer also tailor-made boilers –designed by us just according to customer requirements.


        We hope our website would help you to recognize our products and make us possible to improve them.

Thank you –in advance –for all your suggestions and remarks trusting, that you will be satisfied cooperating with our company.


Yours faithfully


President of Fabryka Kotłów FAKO S.A.

Mr Stanisław Dominik 


 Fabryka Kotłów FAKO S.A.